Depressed Children

Our children are under more pressure then ever to keep moving, keep achieving, keep doing more.  As parents we feel exhausted and over scheduled, so do our children. 

You may notice your child is crumbling under some of the stress. They’re withdrawing from the things that used to bring them joy and they’re isolating themselves from friends and family. Suddenly, their life went from happy to crying or getting angry over the smallest things.

The child you know seems to be hiding since all these changes started happening

You know they have so much more growing to do and so much potential, but it seems like their negative outlook is keeping them stagnant and stuck in place.

Every child will go through ups and downs. But you had no idea yours would stop coming out of their room and participating in life. You never thought your child would struggle at school, and you certainly didn’t expect them to feel depressed.

So far, your child’s depression has been manageable, but you don’t want it to become something that holds them back from becoming who they’re meant to be. 

Children love coming to therapy!  They get to play and learn skills that make their lives better!  Give us a call at 561-271-7104 if you are interested in starting therapy for your child.

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