Children & Trauma


Perhaps your child:

  • Refuses to sleep alone in their bed
  • Has severe tantrums at the pediatrician’s office if they need a shot
  • Excessively asks you for reassurance from monsters, severe weather, etc.
  • Refuses to go to school


Maybe your teen:

  • Refuses to go to school
  • Has near fainting spells in sports or performance situations
  • Avoids socializing because of fears of rejection or embarrassment
  • Worries excessively about schoolwork and either over-studies or procrastinates


Or perhaps your college student:

  • Compares themselves negatively to their peers
  • Experiences severe test anxiety in the lead up to exams
  • Isolates themselves socially and is avoiding dating

If so, the good news is I can help. With the guidance of a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment, your child can learn to face their fears, overcome challenges, and participate in activities they want to while learning how to decrease the uncomfortable anxiety symptoms. You can set up a consultation by calling

If you find yourself thinking you have an anxious child, feel free to give us a call at South Florida Therapy for Families for help! You can reach us at 561-271-7104..

Through therapy with me your child, teen, or college student can experience:

  • Increased sense of calm and focus leading to enhanced academic performance
  • Increased self confidence allowing them to make new friends
  • Improved independence in making choices and managing stress
  • Relief from excessive worries so they can move ahead in life
  • Improved physical feelings, such as improved sleep, decrease in headaches and other body tension


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