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I hope this website will give you a better understanding of what therapy is, what it can accomplish, and who I am.

Psychotherapy provides a safe place for you to confront and address the things that do not seem to be working in your life.  It allows for open exploration, a release of pent up emotions, a neutral perspective, support, and understanding in a safe environment. Most importantly though, therapy allows for the development of new coping skills, ways of handling conflict and upsetting emotions, hope for increased life satisfaction, happiness, and joy.

People enter therapy for many reasons - a few examples are:

  • To overcome a specific problem.
  • Learn how to better identify, understand, and manage upsetting emotions such as anger, anxiety, or depressed mood.
  • To better manage stress.
  • Improve communication skills and reduce conflict.
  • To navigate life transitions.
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • To identify and overcome self destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Work through past abuse or a painful past.
  • Self-exploration

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Often, parents will seek talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, or group therapy for adolescents due to unmanageable behavior problems, school and peer issues, depression, anxiety, divorce, abuse and trauma, family and sibling conflict, or to help them through upsetting life circumstances.

Family therapy or parent consultation is often sought out in order to develop appropriate communication patterns, understand each other’s motivations, learn effective problem-solving techniques and learn alternate behavior management and/or parenting techniques.

Couples seek help when their relationships are feeling rocky, when there has been an infidelity, or when you just cannot see eye to eye.  In couples therapy the relationship is my patient and I work with the couple with that in mind.  I always say the sooner the better, why wait until things are "really bad" to get help!

Please review the services that I provide in more detail, my areas of specialty, and my credentials on the following pages. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, a free phone consultation, or to set up an initial appointment.

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